Funerary urn

Object description

Part of the set of urns put as a funerary accompaniment to several secondary burials placed on the ground surface of a granitic cave in Santa Maria Madalena, known as Toca dos Urubus (Vultures Lair). With a piriform morphology (pear-shaped) with a “simple corrugated” decoration, this piece is one of those that show signs of interethnic contact between people from the Mucuri Phase of Tradição Una with some ceramist people from Tupi Tradition, probably still in the initial contacts with this group. These were evidenced by the introduction of coils on the rim of the container with simple corrugated, with nail marks or spatulas, a typical Tupi decoration and not found in other phases or sites of the Mucuri phase.

Cultural affiliation of the object

Prehistoric Period

Una Tradition

Mucuri Phase

Location Santa Madalena, Rio de Janeiro

Toca dos Urubus site, RJ MP 13

Sector Surface

Level Surface

Cultural analysis of the object

Type Funerary urn

Material Ceramic

Dimension 33 x 43 cm (12,9 x 16,9 inches)

Relative Dating 1000 – 1100 BP

Source: IAB 1971 Collection

Catalog 600