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The Curumim Researcher Project fits the modality of professional training known as the Young Apprentice.

It was an initiative of the Brazilian Institute of Archeology IAB (Instituto de Arqueologia Brasileira) that attests through this practice, the social impact in the fields of Human Survival (eating, dressing and living) through Socialization ((training applied to the professional role within a research institute) and individualization (aimed at access to a university). The project takes place at the headquarters of IAB and serves young people in situations of extreme social risk, who live in the community of Santa Tereza, in Belford Roxo  RJ (Rio de Janeiro).

Innovation: IAB’s Virtual Museum

Archaeology, traveling on the wings of the future, invites you to take a walk through our Virtual Museum.

In it we have the mummy of a child between 10-12 years old, found by IAB in a cave in Unai, Minas Gerais, it has been dated to 3,350 years BCE, as well as fourteen artifacts made by prehistoric groups of the Una Indigenous Tradition.

 You will be enchanted when you realize what the so-called “Cavemen” were capable of doing.

All this, using technology that is more advanced than 3D, where you will feel like you are actually touching the archeological items.

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