Object description

Lithic artifact elaborated on a trapezoidal quadrangular splinter of diabase. The edge was designed on the narrow side, and slight signs of chipping allow us to suppose that it was fitted for use. The weight and the little sharp angle of its edge indicate that it is a digger, like a hoe, although the function of adze can also be considered in the background. On both sides the piece has reddish cortex remnants, suggesting the use of pigment. It was found as a funerary accompaniment to burial No. 12 of the Gentio II ceremonial cave and was slightly displaced from its original position before archaeological research was carried out on the site.

Cultural affiliation of the object

Prehistoric period

Una Tradition

Unaí Phase

Location Unaí, Minas Gerais

Gruta do gentio II site, MG-RP: 06

Level 90–100 cm (35,4 – 39,3 inches)

Cultural analysis of the object

Type Digger/Adze

Lithic Material

Dimension 14 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm (5,5 x 4,5 x 0,9 inches)

Dating 3350 BP

IAB 1977 Collection Source

Catalog 851