Sharpener / Polisher

Object description

Artifacts used as grinders are common in prehistoric archaeological sites. They are usually fixed rocks with elongated grooves resulting from the smoothing friction made by other tools, spearheads, arrows, edges, etc. However, those sharpeners/grinders made in shells are rare, even more if they are found in sites in the interior of the country. This mollusk valve has grooves resulting from its use in polishing and smoothing, by rubbing some elongated object. As far as we know, it is an exclusive production of peoples of the Una Tradition, preserved in a cave site, places that are generally used for ceremonial purposes.

Cultural affiliation of the object

Prehistoric period

Una Tradition

Unaí Phase

Location Unaí, Minas Gerais

Lapa do Foice I site, MG RP 08

Level 70 – 110 cm (27,5 – 43,3 inches)

Cultural analysis of the object

Type Sharpener / Polisher

Material shell

Dimension 8 x 6 cm (3,14 – 2,3 inches)

Relative Dating 1500 BP

IAB 1977 Collection Source

Catalog 1627