Bone adornment - Phalanx

Object description

Artifact made of bone is part of a set of eight pieces (phalanges of vertebrate animal) that made up a necklace, probably originally worn as an adornment and that seem to have belonged to the same animal. Associated with a burial held in an urn, once, without a doubt, it was offered as a funeral accompaniment to its owner. It is a beautiful sample of the inventiveness of the former Una settlers on the plains – to transform what was probably the rest of an appetizer into a delicate ornamental piece.

Cultural affiliation of the object

Prehistoric Period

Una Tradition

Ururaí Phase

Location Campos dos Goitacazes, RJ

Caju site, RJ MP 08

Level 30/60 cm (11,8/23,6 inches)

Cultural analysis of the object

Type Necklace bead

Fauna bone material

Dimension 1 x 3 cm (0,3 x 1,1 inches)

Relative Dating 1000–1100 BP

IAB 1990 Collection Source

Catalog 5007