Adorno em osso

Object description

On this site, young people were buried in close proximity to male adults, probably their relatives. This piece was placed as a funerary accompaniment at a secondary burial of a young person, in an urn at Caju site, in Campos dos Goitacazes. It is a “necklace pendant” that formed a set with five other pieces. These were polished and perforated for use and may have been an adornment similar to other archaeological artifacts made from bone raw material of animal origin.

Cultural affiliation of the object

Prehistoric Period

Una Tradition

Ururaí Phase

Location Campos dos Goitacazes, RJ

Caju site, RJ MP 08

Level 30/60 cm (11,8/23,6 inches)

Cultural analysis of the object

Necklace bead Type

Fauna bone material

Dimension 4 x 5.5 cm (1,5 x 2,1 inches)

Relative Dating 1000 – 1100 BP

IAB 1990 Collection Source

Catalog 5007