Our Services

Our statutory mission is to “expand the interest in Brazilian archaeology” through Research, Education and Disclosure. Therefore all our services are based on fulfilling this premise.

Licensing: Environmental – Jobs or Projects- Restoration (check with Jandira if this is right) 

Execution of Project and Impact Assessment Report to the Archaeological Heritage (PAIPA/RAIPA);

  • Execution of Project and Potemtial Impact Assessment Report to the Archeological Heritage (PAIPA/RAIPA)
  • Execution of Potential Impact Assessment to the Archaeological Heritage (PAPIPA);
  • Production of the Impact Assesment Report of Intagible Assets (RAIPI)
  • Production of the Impact Assesment Report of the Cultural Property Listed, Valued and Registered.
  • Execution of Archaeological Research Projects on Construction and/or Restoration sites.
  • Archaeological monitoring of construction projects and restoration of Heritage sites;
  • Archaeological Curatorship;
  • Patrimonial Education;
  • Social Communication and Environmental Education;
  • Institutional Endorsement and Custodian of the Archaeological Collection (Seal of APTO by IPHAN);



  • Consultancy on Archaeological Research Projects;
  • Courses in Archaeology and related areas.;
  • Expositions and Lectures;

Scientific Disclosure (IAB Editora).